3 Benefits of Video Tours

by Susan B. Meyers P.A. 09/13/2020

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Video tours are not new to the real estate industry, but they have become a vital tool for home buyers and sellers trying to comply with social distancing requirements. Whether you are trying to sell your home, or you are searching for your forever home during efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, you will appreciate the value of video tours to help keep you on track to achieving your home real estate goals while minimizing risks for everyone involved. 

3 Benefits of Home Video Tours 

Businesses in all sectors and industries are taking advantage of the many technological tools available to weather the COVID-19 pandemic. In real estate, the ability to view and visit properties is a critical part of the process, making it vital that people embrace video tours. The ability to get an intimate view of a property without putting on a mask and leaving home is the core reason video tours are so important. 

Here are three benefits of home video tours to show why everyone should consider this option. 

1. Reduces the Need for Travel or Opening Homes 

Busy home buyers and sellers searched for ways to save time long before COVID-19 became a reality. Real estate agents recommended the option of virtual tours to help reduce travel costs and avoid scheduling issues. However, a quick look at Google Trends data reveals that searches for "virtual visits" increased over the beginning and peak of COVID-19. With video tours, home sellers can continue virtually opening their homes to prospective buyers without unnecessarily amplifying risks to themselves and others. Home buyers can stay home, per officials' orders and recommendations. 

2. Attracts More Interested Home Buyers 

In the best of times, home buyers are selective about the homes they visit. It makes sense to pare down the selection to the top potential choices before heading out for a visit, so they frequently make the decision about keeping a home in the running from still photographs and discussions with the realtor. With a well-planned video tour, home sellers can showcase their home in a more realistic light. Video tours provide a more "real-time" feeling for home buyers, allowing them to spend time in the home with no pressure or time constraints. Further, these tours are likely to encourage home buyers to schedule a visit to confirm their informed hopes via the video presentation. 

3. Decreases Stress for Everyone 

Throughout the sale or purchase of a home, everyone has to continue working and performing daily activities, making in-person home tours stressful for everyone. Home sellers need to stop what they are doing and make sure the home is in clean and properly staged while home buyers need to take time away from work or a relaxing day at home to visit a home, sight unseen. The process becomes simpler and more effective, especially during the pandemic, allowing everyone to carry out daily tasks while still giving the home search the attention it deserves. 

Video Tours Have Become an Important Tool in the Home Buying and Selling Process 

Video tours are invaluable to the home buying and selling process in any environment, but during COVID-19, they allow everyone to stay on schedule with property goals without opening themselves up to risks. 

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